Allie Fredericks is a sea inspired artist who creates vibrant mixed media arts and crafts.  

Her love of the sea, driftwood and beachcombed flotsam and jetsam becomes apparent in every piece of work she creates.

Driftwood mirrors, sea collages, ceramic fish on driftwood, driftwood signs and paintings of crabs and lobsters are just some of

the wide variety of things she makes. Add to this a keen eye for seascape photography. 

In 2014 she took over Hope Cove Gallery where she sells her work and creates it! 

The gallery represents a wide variety of artwork by local artists. It's fun, bright and full to the rafters of handmade goodies.

Allie is currently partaking in a money game she created to further herself as an artist. Her plight is to take part in a creative workshop 

every month for a year - then she will create a piece using the skills she has gained to enter into the Summer Exhibition of the Royal Academy 2018.

You can keep track of her progress via the blog on the Hope Cove Gallery website -