All my work is produced at Hope Cove Gallery where it is available to buy.

To keep up to date with my most recent work please visit my personal facebook page Allie Made This. 

Photography: Prints are available in 12" x 16" with a double ivory mount and wrapped in a celophane packet. I am happy to provide a wooden frame for  in Black, White or a hand painted version which has a lovely blue/grey appearance well suited to my photos (I can send images of these).
Unframed: £55 + p&p (£3.50)
Framed: £90 + p&p (£5.50) 

Driftwood Art: I am always making new things from the driftwood I find on the beaches nearby, especially mirrors so if you like a particular design element in one of the photos on my website I will do my best to recreate it for you. Prices range from £40 - £170

Sea Collages: The mixed media collages I make are my main body of work and as such keep evolving. I am happy to take commissions with personalised details and can usually recreate one (if sold already). Prices range from £30 - £395

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